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Welcome to my Website! My name is Rian, and I’m a proud Montréal Emergency Services enthusiast. My website aims to feature and document the police, fire and medical services of Montréal, QC in their day-to-day actions to serve the public, maintain order, and be the brave first responders that are so poorly appreciated today. Hit that like button, it lets me know that you guys want to see more of my content! Also, if you’re as much of a nut as I am, go ahead and smash that Subscribe button! Have an awesome day and thanks for stopping by!


VIDEO SCHEDULE: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (select Saturdays too)! *This summer, I will try to upload once a day*


Check out my Instagram for all of the photos I take on a regular basis! Follow me on Twitter for up-to-date news of emergency services activity in Montréal! Links are down below.

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    Rian, I am amazed how your Powershot 350 HS Camera follows focus at such tight zooms. Also the quality, night shooting an small frame size. I actually ordered one from B&H photo NYC, Powershot ELPH 350 HS Digital Camera (Black). I enjoy Elton's style of commenting, documenting of what he is seeing and with his vast knowledge of cars of the by-gone-era, he keeps it real and so do you. I also do like your style of low angle shooting, following the action and quick frame changes. Make for a different prospective. The documentary with your dad in the walk through Old Montreal last year I found to be excellent, some of those places I have not visited in my many stays in Montreal over the years. Steve~
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