Montréal | The Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen On An STM Bus + Patreon Announcement!

The video speaks for itself… why am I posting this past midnight on a Tuesday?? Also this thumbnail sucks, I know.

I’ve created a Patreon page! For as little as $1.00/month, you can help me create higher quality content for all of you to enjoy! Here’s a short memo I wrote that helps summarize what I plan on doing with Patreon:

Hi, my name is Rian McDonald and I’m the founder of MTL.911 Emergency Photography (Photographie d’urgence MTL.911). Since 2016, I have devoted a large portion of my personal time to creating professional online content in the form of photographs and videos that capture Montréal’s emergency services working at the scenes of various emergency situations. I do this in order to pay tribute to the city’s first responders, who serve their communities with pride and professionalism but often without the recognition they deserve. I cover breaking news stories that include police interventions, fires, accidents, rescues and more… all out of my own pocket.
I started a Patreon page to help fund my activities as an emergency photographer; donations would help me reach my goal of purchasing a new, higher quality camera as well as other upgrades in equipment that would allow me to create with more ease and professionalism. I am wholly devoted to my channel’s amazing fans, who I cannot thank enough for helping me develop my passion, my tenacious creativity, and I want to give you all better content in the future. Helping me out in doing so would raise the bar and open up the opportunities for what MTL.911 can become and achieve. Thank you so very much for supporting me over the last two years, I definitely wouldn’t have made it this far without all of you!!

Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe if you enjoyed this video! Check my channel daily for new videos covering Montréal’s emergency services! Enjoy! Bonne journée!


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