MTL.911™ Emergency Photography – Official 2018 Channel Trailer – Montréal Emergency Services

Welcome to my channel! My name is Rian, and I’m the founder of MTL.911 Emergency Photography (Photographie d’urgence MTL.911). My channel aims to feature and document police, fire and rescue, emergency medical services and public safety from the Greater Montréal Area in their day-to-day actions to serve the public, maintain order, and be the brave first responders that are so poorly appreciated today. I also cover breaking news stories including police interventions, fires, accidents, rescues and more. If you’d like to see more exciting content like this, consider subscribing to my channel, you won’t be disappointed!

What’s more, MTL.911 has an Instagram page (@mtl.911) where you can find the photographic portion of my emergency spotting. This is where I post most frequently, so be sure to check it out!


››› Danger – 1:42:
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