Montréal | Major Anti-Racism & Hate Protest – Complete Footage – Montréal Police Department (SPVM)

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2017 – Here you will see scenes from the Large Demonstration Against Hate and Racism, organized by about 160 coordinated groups, that aimed to denounce, among other subjects, racism, hate, xenophobia, the rise of far-right European political parties and the Government of Québec’s law on religious neutrality (Bill 62). The demonstation included student associations, the Montréal chapter of Black Lives Matter, the Association for Progressive Jurists, the the Association of Muslims and Arabs for Secularism in Quebec, Solidarity Across Borders and the Québec Federation of Women. The demonstrators gathered at Place Émilie-Gamelin at approximately 14:00 hours to give several speeches before leaving to march through the streets of Downtown Montréal, QC. SPVM (Service de police de la Ville de Montréal) Intervention Group officers dressed in riot gear and carrying tear gas guns were present at all times, staying close to both sides of the street alongside protesters. Officers with the SPVM’s Traffic Safety Division and Motorcycle Division were also heavily present, charged with clearing the streets ahead of the demonstration. The protest remained fairly peaceful until the very end, where at 16:30 hours, the remaining protesters gathered at Place du Canada at the corner of René-Lévesque Boulevard and Peel Street where the statue of John A. Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada, had been vandalized with red spray paint by an anonymous group of “anti-colonial anti-racists” that later took credit. That anonymous group was apparently not affiliated with the Demonstration. No arrests were made.

Footage was taken on November 12, 2017.

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