Montréal | 2017 St-Patrick’s Day Parade – Kahnawáke Peacekeepers & Fire Brigade – “BAD BOYS”

Here you will see Kahnawáke Peacekeeper Officers and Kahnawáke Fire Brigade Firefighters participating in Montréal’s 2017 St-Patrick’s Day Parade in the Downtown district of Montréal, QC. Kahnawáke Peacekeeper Units 63, 64 and 65, as well as Kahnawáke Fire Brigade Engine 4 and Unit C-06 participated in the Parade, which lasted about two hours and spanned busy Rue Sainte-Catherine, a large commercial thoroughfare. The Kahnawáke Peacekeepers playing Inner CIrcle’s iconic “Bad Boys” through their loudspeakers was a nice touch, in my opinion!

Footage was taken on March 19, 2017.

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