Villeray / Parc Extension | Montréal Police Department (SPVM) Escorting Minimum Wage Rally & March

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2016 – Around 1500 people gathered in Parc le Prévost in the Villeray district of Montréal, QC to rally in support of the popular $15.00/hr minimum wage movement across Canada and the United States of America. The demonstrators then began their march to Place de la Gare-Jean-Talon, just in front of du Parc Métro station in the Parc Extention district of Montréal, QC. During their combined rally and march, the Montréal Police maintained a constant and noticeable presence, closing off roads to vehicles as well as pedestrians, using ressources such as Sécurité Routière (Traffic Safety Division) units, officers on bicycles as well as their unmarked 2015 Dodge RAM 2500 Heavy Duty truck equipped with an LRAD (Long-Ranged Acoustic Device). At one point, bicycle officers formed a barrier on the edge of W Jean-Talon Street in front of du Parc Métro station, as demonstrators had begun to overflow from the park into the street. The ralliers were peaceful and the Montréal Police assured their protection well. Good job, officers!
*Disclaimer: This video was taken in October of 2016*

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