Beaconsfield | SPVM Conducting A High-Risk Traffic Stop – 4 Patrol Cars + Supervisor – Car Towed

Here you will see SPVM (Service de police de la Ville de Montréal) officers conducting a high-risk traffic stop in the Montréal suburb of Beaconsfield, QC in which four patrol cars and a Supervisor were involved. Officers can be seen standing at a short distance from the stopped vehicle while one of the officers communicated with the driver of the vehicle. Eventually, the officers asked the driver to exit the vehicle and a flatbed tow truck belonging to SPVM-contracted Burstall-Conrad Towing arrived on the scene to tow the stopped vehicle. The driver, visibly agitated, verbally confronted one of the officers on the scene for a few brief moments before walking off into the night. The vehicle was towed away and the officers broke off from the scene, continuing to patrol the streets.
*Disclaimer: This footage was taken in September of 2016.*

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